The Advisory Group (AG) is part of the PIP Framework's "Governance and Review" structure. Its functions include monitoring implementation of the PIP Framework, and providing evidence-based reporting, assessment and recommendations regarding its functioning. Among its many areas of work, the AG interacts with industry and other stakeholders and provides advice to the Director-General on the use of the Partnership Contribution. The AG also provides to the Director-General an annual report on its evaluation of implementation of the PIP Framework.

Terms of Reference (PIP Framework Annex 3)
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The Advisory Group is comprised of 18 members drawn from three Member States in each WHO Region. It consists of internationally recognized policy makers, public health experts and technical experts in the field of influenza. Members serve three-year terms.

The biographies of current and former Advisory Group members can be found here:

Notice to Stakeholders

All stakeholders are reminded that contact with the Advisory Group or its members should take place only through established channels during Advisory Group sessions. Stakeholders are kindly asked to respect this principle that ensures the integrity of the Advisory Group, its membership and its processes and proceedings. Any Advisory Group member contacted directly by any stakeholder should remind the stakeholder of this notice.

In the course of its work, the PIP Advisory Group develops a number of reports including meeting reports, which may provide recommendations to the Director-General and annual reports, which provide the AG's evaluation of PIP Framework implementation. These are available at the following page:

Advisory Group reports

WHO also reports regularly to its Governing Bodies on PIP Framework implementation. These reports are available at the following page:

PIP Framework section 5.2.4 requests the Director-General to consult with the PIP Advisory Group on the best process for further discussion and resolution of issues related to the handling of genetic sequence data (GSD) of influenza viruses with pandemic potential, under the Framework. For more information on the work of the PIP Advisory Group on GSD see the following link.

In 2016, the PIP Review Group recommended that “the Director-General should address the issue of the lack of a formalized representation for the GISRS network, and encourage the WHO Global Influenza Programme and GISRS to establish such representation as soon as possible”. The following arrangement has been developed in consultation with GISRS institutions, and was first implemented in October 2017.