PIP Partnership Contribution

The Partnership Contribution (PC) is one element of the PIP Benefit Sharing System. It is an annual cash contribution to WHO by influenza vaccine, diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturers who use the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS). The funds are allocated for pandemic influenza preparedness capacity building, response activities at the time of a pandemic, and the PIP Secretariat for the implementation of the Framework.

Background Documents

Proportional division of funds

Methodology of PC Collection

Response funds

Amounts to be paid by individual manufacturers are based on principles of transparency and equity, and take into account the manufacturers' nature and capacities. Every year WHO issues a questionnaire that identifies potential contributors. It is distributed to existing contributors, to all companies and institutions that conduct research and development in the field of influenza, and to all recipients of PIP biological material recorded in the Influenza Virus Traceability Mechanism (IVTM) database.

PC Preparedness funds are used to strengthen capacities globally, regionally and at country level. The focus is on six areas: laboratory and surveillance; burden of disease; regulatory capacity building; risk communications and community engagement; planning for pandemic product deployment; and influenza pandemic preparedness planning. Activities are implemented according to High-Level Implementation Plan (HLIP) 2018-2023. Details on financial and technical implementation information can be found in PIP Framework progress reports as well as on WHO’s Programme Budget portal.

The Implementation Plan


The Partnership Contribution Independent Technical Expert Mechanism PCITEM, comprising 8 experts from a variety of relevant disciplines, meets each biennium to review the projects submitted for Partnership Contribution funds use.