2019 PIP Partnership Contribution Questionnaire

NOTE: Similar to the 2018 process, WHO will again adhere to a strict timeline for completion of this Questionnaire. In the event the Secretariat does not receive responses from known contributors, the last available responses will be used (e.g. from 2018 or before). If your company has never filled in the Questionnaire and does not respond, but is known to be a “manufacturer” as defined in the Questionnaire, WHO will use information available to it.

REMINDER: As indicated in 2018, the Partnership Questionnaire has a new feature: companies that submitted complete answers in a previous year can check the box "Check here if there are no changes from your previous answer". The PIP Secretariat will then use your previous Questionnaire answers. There is no need to complete the remainder of the questionnaire. Please note that final and complete answers from a previous year must be available to the PIP Framework Secretariat in order for you to choose this option.

You are requested to complete the questions online no later than 31 March 2019.


This questionnaire allows WHO to identify whether your company/institution is a contributor under the Partnership Contribution. For a short video in English on the PIP Partnership Contribution, please click here. To see the video in other languages, please click here.

Contributor identification

Under the PIP Framework a contributor is considered to be a company/institution that:

  • Is an influenza vaccine, diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturer (currently or in the past 15 years); and
  • Uses (or has used in the past 15 years) the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS)

"Use of GISRS" means your company/institution used or received:

  • materials (e.g. virus materials, such as candidate vaccine viruses, wild-type viruses, cDNA, plasmids, or reagents); and/or
  • services (e.g. antigenic and genetic characterization of candidate vaccine viruses/seed material, antiviral susceptibility assays); and/or
  • information (e.g. sequence information, epidemiological data, antiviral susceptibility data, pre- and post-vaccine composition meeting reports); developed and/or provided by or through GISRS.

PC Collection Process & Invoicing

If your answers to this questionnaire identify your company/institution as a contributor to the PIP Partnership Contribution:

  • You will receive a “Band Selection and Certification Form” (BSF) that you will need fill out and send back to WHO: The BSF form requests companies/institutions to calculate their 4-year average annual influenza product sales and to use that figure to place themselves into one of 23 “sales bands” (tranches of sales in USD millions). For confidentiality reasons, companies do not provide their sales figures to WHO.
  • WHO will use Band numbers to calculate the amount of Partnership Contribution due from each Contributor. To do this, WHO will enter each company’s sales band in a weighted formula to determine how much each contributor will pay. The formula – developed in close collaboration with industry associations – takes into account fairness and equity, as well as the nature and capacities of manufacturers: companies with higher influenza product sales pay more than those with lower influenza product sales. For further detail on the PC distribution please read: Distribution of Partnership Contribution among companies, May 2013 (link below).
  • Once the formula is applied, each contributor is sent an invoice for its share of the Partnership Contribution. The invoice is payable within 30 days.


The questionnaire consists of 3 questions, one of which has several sub-questions.

The sub-questions of Question 3 are aimed at assisting WHO to better understand the range of entities that use GISRS and that are involved in the development of influenza products. These sub-questions are also meant to sensitize influenza manufacturers to the fact that they may be using GISRS indirectly through subcontractors or by using components developed or produced by another laboratory or company that itself uses GISRS.

Please note the following: Sub-questions 3c), 3e) and 3g) are optional. The Questionnaire may be submitted without filling in those fields or by answering “Do not know” or “Confidential information”. That said, WHO will greatly appreciate any information that may be shared by you in relation to these sub-questions. Please further note that any information provided in these sub-questions 3c), 3e) or 3g) will not be released or shared by WHO with any company, institution, establishment or other entity.

The results of the Partnership Contribution collection as of 31 December 2018 are available at:

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