WHO Guidance for Surveillance during an Influenza Pandemic

Update 2017

Guidance Pandemic Influenza Surveillance

Publication details

Number of pages: 59
Publication date: November 2017
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-92-4-151333-3



This guidance is an update to an earlier document “Global surveillance during an influenza pandemic”, published in April 2009. It takes the lesions learned from the 2009 influenza pandemic into consideration and focuses on the key surveillance components needed during an influenza pandemic.

The purpose of the updated guidance is to outline the surveillance strategies and essential data requirements that Member States can use throughout the course of an influenza pandemic to ensure informed risk management decisions in pandemic response and fulfilment of IHR (2005) core capacity requirements.

Key updates include:
  • reference to the global pandemic phases described in the “Pandemic Influenza Risk Management” (interpandemic, alert, pandemic and transition);
  • outlines of roles and responsibilities of Member States and WHO;
  • information on risk and severity assessments to be conducted by Member States;
  • link of surveillance objectives with public health actions;
  • emphasis on the importance of detailed information of early cases;
  • resources of protocols for special studies; and
  • references of up-to-date guidelines and best practices.

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