Pandemic Influenza Risk Management

A WHO guide to inform & harmonize national & international pandemic preparedness and response

PIRM update May 2017

Publication details

Number of pages: 62
Publication date: May 2017
Languages: English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish
WHO reference number: WHO/WHE/IHM/GIP/2017.1



This guidance updates and replaces the “Pandemic Influenza Risk Management: WHO Interim Guidance” published in 2013, which was a revision of the “Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response: a WHO Guidance Document” published in 2009.

The main updates from the 2013 interim guidance are:

  • Alignment with other relevant United Nations policies for crisis and emergency management, and
  • Inclusion of the significant development in recent years of the strategies for pandemic vaccine response during the start of a pandemic.

Key highlights of the 2013 interim guidance from 2009 guidance include the following:

  • Focus upon risk assessment at national level to guide national level actions
  • Revised approach to global phases
  • Flexibility through uncoupling of national actions from global phases
  • Inclusion of principles of emergency risk management for health, and
  • New and updated annexes on planning assumptions, ethical considerations, whole-of-society approach, business continuity planning, representative parameters for core severity indicators, and containment measures.

This finalized guidance is now released to support national and global pandemic preparedness and risk management.

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