Pandemic influenza preparedness in WHO Member States

Report of a Member States survey

World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 56
Publication date: June 2019
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-92-4-151596-2



It’s been a decade since the most recent influenza pandemic which occurred in 2009. Many lessons were learned and good practices in pandemic preparedness were identified from the response to the pandemic. Although progress has been made among Member States in pandemic preparedness since then, many countries still lack important preparedness capacities or have not updated their pandemic influenza preparedness plans.

In late 2018, the WHO Global Influenza Programme consulted its Member States through a survey to better understand the current level of pandemic preparedness among Member States and to identify the capacity areas in which WHO and its partners should focus their technical assistance in the coming years. This report summarizes the findings of this Member States survey.