Tool for Influenza Pandemic Risk Assessment (TIPRA)

May 2016

Global Influenza Programme

Publication details

Number of pages: 60
Publication date: May 2016
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/OHE/PED/GIP/2016.2



Risk assessment is critical to decide, clarify and justify public health preparedness, response and recovery actions. The Tool for Influenza Pandemic Risk Assessment (TIPRA) was developed to provide a standardized and transparent approach to support the risk assessment of influenza viruses with pandemic potential. TIPRA supports hazard assessment by asking a risk question about the pandemic likelihood and impact of an influenza virus.

The tool facilitates synthesis of current evidence to help identify gaps and steer actions including research and surveillance activities. TIPRA outputs include a summary of the level of risk posed by a virus, thus enabling a comparison between viruses. As TIPRA focuses on assessing the risk associated with a specific virus, outputs can be used to feed into other more comprehensive risk assessments that take into consideration contextual and exposure issues. In this way, findings can be used to steer risk management actions at global and national levels.

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