A Manual for Estimating Disease Burden Associated With Seasonal Influenza

WHO Global Influenza Programme

Publication details

Number of pages: 128
Publication date: Sept 2015
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 154930 1



This manual is targeted at epidemiologists and data analysts with basic epidemiological training who are responsible for data analysis and interpretation at influenza sentinel surveillance sites and the National Surveillance Office (NSO) or Ministry of Health (MOH). After completing the appropriate sections of the manual the end-user should be able to i) estimate the morbidity burden due to influenza-associated respiratory infections (expressed as incidence rates where data on the denominator population at risk are available) and the proportional contribution of influenza to respiratory infections, ii) estimate the proportion of influenza-associated cases of severe respiratory infections who died (case fatality ratio), iii) assess the plausibility of the results, iv) identify gaps in influenza surveillance (particularly related to data collection) and improve sentinel surveillance for influenza.