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World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 34
Publication date: December 2017
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-92-4-151346-3



The “WHO Public Health Research Agenda for Influenza: 2017 Update” is an update of the original publication in 2009.

Since the publication of the 2009 Research Agenda, followed by the publication of the progress review in 2013, much has been learned about influenza. Some knowledge gaps have been filled, but others remain challenging to the scientific community. To identify the remaining and emerging knowledge gaps and stimulate research to address unmet public health needs, WHO updated the Research Agenda to promote influenza research in high priority areas for the next 5–10 years that could benefit the global public health communities in reducing the burden of seasonal epidemic influenza, and the risk and impact of pandemic influenza.

The updated Research Agenda kept the original 5 streams structure:

  • Reducing the risk of emergence of pandemic influenza
  • Limiting the spread of pandemic, zoonotic and seasonal epidemic influenza
  • Minimizing the impact of pandemic, zoonotic, and seasonal epidemic influenza
  • Optimizing the treatment of patients
  • Promoting the development and application of new public health tools

The research recommendations in each stream are supported by the information summarized in the Background Document for the corresponding steam.

Considering diverse interests of stakeholders and for ease of reference, a short version of the Research Agenda focusing on the Research Recommendations is also provided.

WHO public health research agenda for Influenza background documents