International travel and health

Yellow fever risk mapping and recommended vaccination for travellers

The scientific and technical advisory group on geographical yellow fever risk mapping (GRYF)

ITH publication

The WHO International Travel and Health (ITH) publication provides guidance on the full range of significant health issues associated with travel. Updated chapters and annexes are available from the WHO web site1.

Yellow Fever risk maps and vaccination recommendations are updated on a yearly basis.

The ITH country list includes YF vaccination certificate country’s requirements and WHO recommendations to travellers. Every year WHO sends a questionnaire to Member States to update this list.

ITH Annex 1 is a table listing countries with risk of YF transmission and countries requiring YF vaccination. The terms “country” and “countries” cover countries, territories and areas. Annex 1 also includes yellow fever vaccination requirement for travellers having transited through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. The new 2015 version will also include the State requirement for validity of the YF certificate, taking into account the amendment to Annex 7 of the IHR.

ITH 2015 updates

1International travel and health book,