International travel and health

Yellow fever risk mapping and recommended vaccination for travellers

The scientific and technical advisory group on geographical yellow fever risk mapping (GRYF)

Request from States

States may submit a request to the GRYF secretariat to revise the YF risk classification. This request should be documented with a public health justification and scientific data supporting the request. On receipt of such request the GRYF Secretariat will convene on an ad hoc basis or at least annually a teleconference to review the YF risk classification and related issues. At this occasion the State will have the opportunity to provide its views to the GRYF via a country representative.

Country representative

In accordance with WHO policy, members and advisers of an advisory body shall serve in their personal capacity. Depending on the agenda item the Secretariat may however invite the State Party where the YF risk classification is being revised to present its views to the GRYF via a country representative.

Scientific evidences

The State should document its request with scientific evidences For further information on evidences required please consult the WHO technical guidance on Risk assessment on yellow fever virus circulation in endemic countries, available in English and French online.