Building human resource capacities

Achieving effective scale-up of malaria interventions requires significant human resource capacity at national, district and community levels. However, in many countries where malaria is endemic, there is a chronic shortage of skilled health professionals, clinical practices are outdated, surveillance systems are inadequate and monitoring and evaluation programmes are weak.

Continued training and capacity building of malaria programme managers and health professionals is key to ensuring programme effectiveness, especially in areas with weak health infrastructures.

Targeted interventions

The double threat of emerging antimalarial drug and insecticide resistance requires constant surveillance and a continuous updating of prevention and treatment strategies to maintain the efficacy of interventions. In high-burden countries, there is a gradual move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to more targeted, regional and age-group specific solutions. As countries move towards elimination, the emphasis shifts to more focused interventions and to the development of sophisticated surveillance systems with real-time responses.

Up-to-date training materials

To support countries, WHO has developed a series of up-to-date malaria training materials, and coordinates international and national training courses on malaria control and elimination. These courses help participants strengthen their understanding of technical issues related to malaria control and elimination, including entomology and vector control, diagnosis and treatment, drug and insecticide resistance monitoring, commodity forecasting and supply chain management.

The courses also help to strengthen skills in conducting stratification, strategic planning and gap analysis, they help participants build managerial skills, and provide an overview of the latest WHO policies and recommendations on malaria prevention, control and elimination.

Last updated: 26 October 2014

Key documents

Training material in Portuguese

WHO holds regular training courses for lusophone countries and the whole series of training modules on malaria control is being translated to Portuguese. The following modules are available:

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