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Management of the sick young infant aged up to 2 months: IMNCI training course

Participant manual and facilitator guide


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Number of pages: 92, 68
Publication date: 2019
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-92-4-151637-2
WHO reference number: WHO/MCA/19.03



These training materials are for training of health workers on the updated management guidelines for managing sick young infant (SYI) age 0 to 59 days. The course is for training participants on the updated Management of the sick young infant age up to 2 months: IMCI chart booklet. The materials consist of a participant manual for the trainees and a facilitator guide for the facilitators.

The participant manual helps participants to systematically go through the course, to understand the rationale behind the Management of the sick young infant age up to 2 months: IMCI chart booklet. The course reflects all the recent updates particularly on Managing possible serious bacterial infection (PSBI) in young infants when referral is not feasible. The participant manual includes reading sections, written exercises, photographs, video demonstrations, role plays and group discussions. The facilitator guide contains instructions on facilitation, working and how to guide participants through the participant manual.

This 3 day generic training course combines classroom work with hands-on clinical experience. Under the guidance of course facilitators and a skilled clinical instructor, participants work in small groups (6-8 participants with 2 facilitators in a group). Each participant attends clinical sessions, seeing at least 5-10 sick young infants in an outpatient clinic or inpatient ward. Clinical sessions allow participants to practice assessment, classification, treatment and counselling skills using the SYI IMCI Chart Booklet guidelines. The course materials need adaptation according to the national IMNCI guidelines.

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