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138th session of the Executive Board

Dates: 25 January – 30 January 2016
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

The WHO Executive Board is composed of 34 Members technically qualified in the field of health. Members are elected for a three-year term. The Executive Board will agree on the agenda and resolutions to be discussed at the World Health Assembly in May 2016.

Speeches, statements

  • WHO Director-General addresses the Executive Board
    25 January 2016 -- In her address, Dr Margaret Chan provided an update on the Ebola situation in West Africa, expressing her confidence that no one will let this virus take off and run away again. She described a new emergency programme that transforms the way WHO responds to outbreaks and humanitarian crises. She also discussed the implications for health of the Sustainable Development Goals and several major crises that threaten health worldwide.
  • Closing remarks at the 138th session of the Executive Board
    30 January 2016 -- You addressed some uplifting news, on achievements during the MDG era, on the Ebola situation, and on progress towards polio eradication. As some observed, the polio situation has never looked so promising. You will be forwarding to the WHA several resolutions that will guide our work in the 2030 development agenda.

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