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High level meeting for the Evaluation of the International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision (ICG)

Date: 17 October 2017
Place: Geneva, Switzerland


The management of emergency stockpiles has become increasingly complex due to the growing number of epidemics, the number of countries able to access emergency stockpiles, new vaccine stockpiles managed by the ICG, the increased number of stakeholders involved in outbreak response and a fragile vaccine supply market. ICG partners and stakeholders asked for an independent external evaluation to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of ICG’s governance, decision-making and communications mechanisms, and to develop actionable options for improving the functioning of the ICG.


The aim of the meeting is to reach agreement about actions to improve the ICG’s governance, accessibility and management of disease-specific, emergency stockpiles and their composition, the transparency of decision-making processes as well as ICG internal and external communication processes.


Action plan for improving the functioning of the ICG.