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Forty-second meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence

The 42nd Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will convene from 21st-25th October to review the public health harms, abuse and dependence liability of psychoactive substances as well as their therapeutic use. WHO makes recommendations to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs about the placement of psychoactive substances under international control. An Open Session will be held on 21st October to give the opportunity for individuals and partners external to the WHO to listen to an update on current and future activities of the ECDD Secretariat, and to provide comment on issues on the ECDD agenda.

WHO recommendations on cannabis and cannabis-related substances

As a followup to the 41st ECDD meeting held in 2018, WHO presented its recommendations for the proposed scheduling of cannabis and cannabis-related substances at the fourth intersessional of the 62nd CND.
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96%Approximately 96% of the worldwide use of opioid analgesics is consumed in countries with only 15% of the world population


75%of the world population, predominantly in lower-income countries, is left with limited or no access to proper pain relief


8% less than 8% of people in need of palliative care have access to it.


WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence

The ECDD is the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. The Committee consists of an independent group of experts in the field of drugs and medicines.