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Medical Product Alert N°11/2019

Falsified Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid products circulating in Haiti

Medical Product Alert N°10/2019

Falsified Quinine Bisulphate circulating in Uganda and Quinine Sulphate circulating in Central African Republic and Chad

Medical Product Alert N°9/2019

Falsified Augmentin found in Uganda and Kenya

Medical Product Alert N°8/2019

Falsified Rabies Vaccines and Anti-Rabies Serum circulating in the Philippines

Medical Product Alert N°7/2019

Falsified meglumine antimoniate ampoules in Iran and Pakistan

Medical Product Alert N°6/2019

Falsified hydrochlorothiazide (containing glibenclamide) in Cameroon

Medical Product Alert N°5/2019

Falsified meningitis vaccines circulating in Niger

Medical Product Alert N°4/2019

Falsified oral cholera vaccines circulating in Bangladesh

Medical Product Alert N°3/2019

Falsified ICLUSIG available at patient level in Asia and traded globally

Medical Product Alert N°2/2019

Falsified ICLUSIG traded globally

Medical Product Alert N°1/2019

Falsified Rabies Vaccines circulating in the Philippines





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