Mental health

19 December 2019 - The teenage years can be full of excitement, opportunities and newfound freedoms. Yet they can also be times fraught with worry about exams, relationships, and keeping up with peers and the latest trends. For some, this burden can become so overwhelming, they take their own lives. But suicide is never the answer. Teachers and other people working in schools can help students look after their mental health.

Latest publications

WHO Guidelines: Management of physical health conditions in adults with severe mental disorders

The Guidelines provide evidence-based, up-to-date recommendations to practitioners on how to recognize and manage comorbid physical and mental health conditions.

mhGAP Operations Manual

The manual is an integral component of the mhGAP package and offers practical guidance and necessary tools for planning, preparing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating mhGAP.

Suicide prevention: toolkit for engaging communities

Communities have an important role to play in suicide prevention.This toolkit is a step-by-step guide for people who would like to initiate suicide prevention activities in their community.

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