Mental health

Atlas Project Neurology

The Atlas Project of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is designed to collect, compile and disseminate data on mental health and neurological resources in the world. Resources include policies, plans, financing, care delivery, human resources, medicines, and information systems. These resources are necessary to provide services and care for people with mental and neurological disorders.

The second edition of the Atlas on country resources for neurological disorders has been published in 2017.

Presents for the first time comprehensive data and information on the status of neurological services and neurological care in different parts of the world.

Maps the global resources for epilepsy care and provides information on public health aspects of epilepsy.

Presents evidence on the global epidemiology of multiple sclerosis and the resources to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, support and provide services to people with MS.

First global enquiry on resources for headache disorders as a common health problem in countries throughout the world.

This second edition of the Neurology Atlas represents updated information on the status of neurological services and provision of neurological care from 132 countries and two Associate Members/ territories covering 94% of the world population.