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WHO iSupport : a programme for carers of people with dementia

20 May 2019 - WHO developed iSupport, an online knowledge and skills training programme for carers of people with dementia. iSupport aims to prevent and/or decrease mental and physical health problems associated with caregiving and to improve the quality of life of those caring for people with dementia.

iSupport is now also available as a hardcopy manual which can be used offline. The manual allows for broader reach of the programme, particularly in regions of the world with low internet bandwidth and/or connectivity.

The manual includes the same modules and exercises featured in the online version of iSupport and can easily be printed, allowing users to complete the exercises by hand.

iSupport covers the following topics:

  • General information about dementia;
  • Information related to being a carer;
  • Self-care;
  • Providing care for the person with dementia; and
  • Addressing symptoms of dementia.

iSupport is primarily a self-help tool for carers of people with dementia, including family members, relatives and friends. iSupport can be adapted to national or local contexts and needs. Once adapted, carers can choose to work through all modules and lessons consecutively, or select the lessons that are the most relevant to their everyday lives. All lessons consist of brief readings, descriptive examples and several exercises. Carers receive feedback as they work through each exercise.

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