Mental health

Lifting The Burden: the Global Campaign to reduce the burden of headache

Lifting The Burden is

a collaboration between the World Headache Alliance, the International Headache Society, the European Headache Federation and the World Health Organization

Lifting The Burden recognizes

  • that headache disorders impose pain and disability on people throughout the world;
  • that appropriate health care alleviates these burdens; and
  • that these burdens persist worldwide because health systems that should provide this care fail to reach many who need it.

Lifting The Burden aims

  • to raise awareness of these burdens and the associated global public-health imperative; and
  • to devise and implement health-care solutions to these burdens worldwide.

Lifting The Burden believes

  • that, in a world of scarce resources and competing priorities, the basis of the health-care solution for headache in most parts of the world is education.