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WHO Global InfoBase

WHO Global InfoBase - online tool

The InfoBase collects all country-level data on important NCD risk factors for all WHO Member States. There are many different survey instruments available for collecting data on health behaviours and physical measurements of risk exposure. Each instrument has advantages and limitations. The InfoBase acts as a repository for all survey information relevant to 8 risk factors: tobacco use, high alcohol consumption and abstainers, fruit and vegetable intake, overweight and obesity, raised blood pressure, raised cholesterol, physical inactivity and diabetes.

WHO Regional Offices

The WHO Global InfoBase works closely with WHO Regional Offices to ensure that the data presented is up to date. Regional NCD InfoBases are at various stages of development.

SuRF 2

A main objective of the NCD surveillance programme is to use the collected country data to produce best estimates of country-level risk factor prevalence and trends in standard age groupings. The resulting comparable risk factor estimates are published in the Surveillance of Risk Factors Report 2 (SuRF 2).

SuRF 1

The Surveillance of Risk Factors Report 1 (SuRF 1) is a product of the WHO Global InfoBase and it displays existing data on prevalence and mean values of the 8 major risk factors related to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) for WHO Member States. It focuses on recent, nationally representative data and presents the data as they are reported by survey sources.

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