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Monitoring drug coverage for preventive chemotherapy – Manual

Helminth infections impose a great burden on poor populations in the developing world. Yet there are robust, low-cost and effective public health interventions that can relieve that burden and enable people in poor settings to lead better lives. Preventive anthelminthic chemotherapy aims at using available anthelminthic drugs either alone or in combination as a public health tool for preventing morbidity due to more than one form of helminthiasis at once.

The emphasis of preventive chemotherapy is therefore on the best, coordinated use of drugs rather than on specific forms of helminthiasis. The greatest challenge is to expand regular anthelminthic drug coverage as a public health intervention to reach all at risk of morbidity induced by helminth diseases.

Preventive chemotherapy in human helminthiasis

Monitoring, which measures process indicators, should be carried out at the district level, as well as at provincial, national, regional and global levels.

Apart from ensuring that activities are being implemented in the agreed manner, effective monitoring allows decision-makers to stay aware of all problems and constraints that may slow progress, and provides the information they may need to refine their planning and implementation of programme activities.