Neglected tropical diseases

Preventable epilepsy: Taenia solium infection burdens economies, societies and individuals

A rationale for investment and action

WHO/Department of control of neglected tropical diseases

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Editors: Dr B. Abela-Ridder/Neglected zoonotic diseases
Number of pages: ii; 30 p.
Publication date: April 2016
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 154948 6
WHO reference number:



T. solium-induced neurocysticercosis is a global public health problem with important socioeconomic impacts. Neurocysticercosis, the cause of serious, potentially lethal health conditions such as epilepsy, remains an under-recognized public health concern. This report shows evidence that

  • control of the disease is possible;
  • technical support and tools are available but need further improvement and collaborative mechanisms for implementation;
  • investing in collaboration and integration can lead to rapid advances and improvements in health beyond control of T. solium; and
  • investing in action yields results – the report presents three case examples and summary results from Madagascar, Mexico and the United Republic of Tanzania that illustrate programme similarities and differences, and health impact success stories.

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