Neglected tropical diseases

Summary report of a consultation on the eradication of yaws

5–7 March 2012, Morges, Switzerland

WHO/Department of control of neglected tropical diseases

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Editors: Dr K. Asiedu/Yaws
Number of pages: iii, 43 p.
Publication date: May 2012
Languages: English; French
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From 1996, India embarked on efforts to eliminate yaws. The final cases being reported in 2003. After 3 consecutive years in which no cases were reported, India declared interruption of yaws transmission in 2006. Up to 2011, zero cases have been reported, and careful serological surveys have revealed no evidence of transmission of yaws.

A recent publication in the Lancet showing the effectiveness of a single dose of azithromycin in the treatment of yaws is a major advance in the history of the disease and could facilitate its eradication by large-scale treatment campaigns. Azithromycin has been used extensively in the elimination of trachoma, and its safety is well documented.

In 2012, WHO officially launched a roadmap to accelerate work in overcoming neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in London, United Kingdom. In that document, yaws is targeted for eradication by 2020. In March 2012, WHO organized a first consultation in Morges, Switzerland, to prepare a strategy for the eradication of yaws. The agenda, the list of participants and summaries of the presentations are given in annexes 1–3.

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