Neglected tropical diseases

Members of the STAG

Professor Riadh Ben-Ismail

Expert in tropical medicine, clinical practice, operational research and global public health.

Prof. Marleen Boelaert

Head, (Epidemiology and NTD control), Department of Public Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp, Belgium.

Dr Marcos Boulos

Professor of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Rosa Castalia Franca Ribeiro Soares

Expert in public health, Brazil

Dr Akshay Chandra Dhariwal

Advisor, National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme of India

Professor Margaret Gyapong

Director, Centre for Health Policy and Implementation Research, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana.

Prof. NG Lee Ching

Director of National Environment Agency’s Environmental Health Institute in Singapore.

Prof. Lindsay Steve

School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Durham University, UK

Professor David Mabey

Physician in infectious and tropical diseases and teacher at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Dr Ning Xiao

National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai, China