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Achieving a common good

Veterinary Record

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Editors: British Veterinary Association
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Publication date: Septembre 2016
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Working for the common good is not a very fashionable concept these days but it might usefully be revived in the context of One Health and might even make a good slogan. This thought is prompted by a remark by Sarah Cleaveland, of the University of Glasgow, during a panel discussion on One Health at a conference in Cambridge this week. When the panel was asked what might be done to break down some of the mistrust around One Health that seems to exist in the medical profession, and to encourage more engagement, Professor Cleaveland replied that ‘achieving a common good’ could be a unifying factor. Eric Fevre, of the University of Liverpool, who was also on the panel, agreed, noting that medics who were interested in solving a particular problem got very involved in One Health; the problem was that many either didn't know about, or weren't involved in dealing with, the issues it was trying to address, and he believed that education had a part to play in changing this.