Neglected tropical diseases

Integrated control of neglected zoonotic diseases in Africa: applying the "One Health" concept

Report of a Joint WHO/EU/ILRI/DBL/FAO/OIE/AU Meeting, ILRI headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya 13–15 November 2007

WHO/Department of control of neglected tropical diseases

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Editors: Dr F-X. Meslin / Neglected Zoonotic Diseases
Number of pages: vi, 58 p.
Publication date: April 2009
Languages: English
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The objective of the meeting was to formulate a strategic framework for implementing the action points for combating NZDs that arose from an initial meeting held at WHO in 2005. These actions were to promote a “one health” integrated approach to control of NZDs, to develop plans for advocacy and information, to improve diagnosis and surveillance, to foster research, to build capacity and to strengthen prevention and control activities. A multidisciplinary group of researchers, programme managers and policy-makers from across the African continent was brought together with international experts and representatives of regional and international technical support agencies and organizations to address practical, institutional, political and resource-related issues associated with integrated surveillance, prevention and control of NZDs in Africa.

The meeting appreciated that controlling, preventing and eventually eliminating NZDs would be highly cost effective from a societal point of view, taking into account both the health and agricultural aspects.

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