Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

Launching of the Cambodia NCD Investment Case

Handover of the NCD Investment Case Report. From the left: Dr Kol Hero, Dr Vong Sathiarany, H.E. Professor Eng Huot, Alexey Kulikov and Roy Small
Alexey Kulikov

17 October 2019 -- Addressing noncommunicable diseases in Cambodia can save lives and sustain economic growth.

Addressing cancers, diabetes, heart disease and other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in Cambodia is crucial to ensure health and well-being for all, maintain rapid economic growth, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The General Meeting of the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on Noncommunicable Diseases (GCM/NCD)

The General Meeting of the GCM/NCD took place on the 5 - 6 of November, 2018, bringing together more than 300 Participants and 90 Member States represented. The meeting concluded with a statement from the co-chairs of the meeting Switzerland and Sri Lanka which can be accessed here.

Heads of State commit to lead response to beat noncommunicable diseases, promote mental health

Image from the Walk The Talk event outside the UN building in Geneva, May 2018.

27 September 2018 -- Heads of state and government today committed to 13 new steps to tackle noncommunicable diseases including cancers, heart and lung diseases, stroke, and diabetes, and to promote mental health and well-being. They agreed to take responsibility themselves for their countries’ effort to prevent and treat NCDs and that these efforts should include robust laws and fiscal measures to protect people from tobacco, unhealthy foods, and other harmful products, for example by restricting alcohol advertising, banning smoking, and taxing sugary drinks.

WHO Director-General reappoints Michael R. Bloomberg as WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries

Michael R. Bloomberg and Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 2018.
WHO/B Hartschuh

27 September 2018 - Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, has renewed the appointment of Michael R. Bloomberg as WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and Injuries, as world leaders meet at the United Nations in New York to agree steps to better address NCDs, the world’s biggest killers. During his second term as Global Ambassador, Michael R. Bloomberg will continue to support global, national, and local efforts to protect people from NCDs and injuries.