Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

Brochure: Providing global leadership - Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster 2014-2017

WHO/Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster

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Number of pages: 14
Publication date: July 2014
Languages: English



In 2011, world leaders formally recognized NCDs as a major threat to health, economies, and societies and placed them high on the development agenda. Projected trends provoked deep concern, especially as poor populations, the least able to cope, are being hit the hardest. Bold commitments were made to act on multiple fronts. The Political Declaration adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2011 gave WHO a leadership role, together with several time-bound assignments. These assignments, which have now been completed, establish global mechanisms and a roadmap until 2020 for coordinated multisectoral action and monitoring of results. This brochure sets out this roadmap. Unprecedented challenges need unprecedented commitments.

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