Patient safety

5 Moments for medication safety

The 5 Moments for Medication Safety is a patient engagement tool developed to support implementation of the third WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm. Launched in March 2017 at the Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety in Bonn, Germany, the Challenge aims to reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50% globally over 5 years.

The 5 Moments for Medication Safety patient engagement tool focuses on 5 key moments where action by the patient or caregiver can reduce the risk of harm associated with the use of medication/s. This tool aims to engage and empower patients to be involved in their own care. It should be used in collaboration with health professionals, but should always remain with the patients, their families or caregivers.

The 5 Moments for Medication Safety tool can be applied at different levels of care and in different settings and contexts. It can be used when patients:

  • visit a primary health care facility;
  • are referred to another health care facility or to another health care professional;
  • visit a pharmacy;
  • are admitted to a health care facility;
  • are transferred to another health care facility;
  • are discharged from a health care facility;
  • receive treatment and care at home or nursing home.




Infographic poster


Mobile application

In addition to the paper tools, a mobile application is available to be used by patients, their families and caregivers. The app can be downloaded via the following links, depending on the operating system of your device: