Patient safety

Second Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety (2017)

29-30 March 2017, Bonn, Germany

Political commitment and leadership flourished for patient safety as Ministers of Health and high level delegates from 45 countries, representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU), World Bank (WB) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and international and national experts convened at the second Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety.

Around 300 attendees participated in the Summit which was held in Bonn, Germany on 29-30 March 2017, hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Health and jointly sponsored by the German and UK governments, with co-sponsorship from WHO. The first day of the Summit was organized as an ‘Expert Summit’ with six parallel workshops addressing key technical areas in patient safety, and then elaborating the outcome of these workshops, as three key political messages for the ministerial briefing the following day. WHO third Global Patient Safety Challenge on Medication Safety was launched at the Summit, gaining high-level commitment and recognition from the health leaders who attended.

WHO Director General Margaret Chan was overwhelmed with support for a ‘World Patient Safety Day’ to be celebrated annually on 17 September, from all those attending. The financial imperative of patient safety was stressed greatly, seeking prioritization, unwavering support and commitment from all delegates for patient safety globally. In the era of the Sustainable-Development Goals, the World Bank representative emphasized that safety is one of the greatest challenges for Universal Health Coverage.

The Ministers of Health and high level delegates from all 45 countries who attended the Summit displayed great compassion, enthusiasm and commitment to this cause, sharing stories of tragic patient harm in their countries as they pledged to drive forward this agenda at the political level.

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