Patient safety

Technical topics

The following areas of work are part of WHO Patient Safety’s efforts to improve patient safety worldwide.

Patient safety initiatives

Assessments and research

Assessing the scope and scale of adverse events globally

High 5s: Standard operating procedures

Addressing safety concerns with standard operating procedures

Patient Safety Solutions

Providing solutions to common safety incidents

Reporting and learning

Exploring the role of incident reporting and learning systems to improve patient safety

Safe childbirth

Promoting safe delivery for mothers and babies

Safe surgery

Improving the safety of surgical care

Safer primary care

Understanding patient safety risks in primary care

Related technical programmes

Blood transfusion safety

Ensuring universal access to safe blood and blood products for transfusion, donor and patient safety, and high quality transfusion services

Infection prevention and control

Strengthening infection prevention and control capacity with a focus on tackling health care-associated infections

Radiation safety

Encouraging the safe use of radiation in medicine to minimize risks and maximize benefits