Strategy and Finance Committee

The Strategy and Finance Committee (SFC) provides guidance on the positioning of PMNCH in relation to the overall Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) architecture (including close collaboration with other core EWEC partners, e.g. EOSG/HLSG, H6, GFF, etc.) as well as guides its strategic direction and added value development.

The SCF’s role is also to provide advice and guidance to the Executive Committee (EC) and the Board on strategic, operational and financial issues that are under its scope of work. The SCF is envisaged to be a space where issues of strategic importance to the Partnership can be identified, explored and clarified, before they are brought back to the EC and/ or the Board for further deliberations and any decisions. In addition, the SCF advises the leadership of the PMNCH Secretariat on resource mobilization strategies and best practices to secure adequate funding and reviews the annual PMNCH financial report as certified by WHO, as the host agency, and findings of WHO generated financial audits and reports.

The Chair of the SCF provides the Committee’s opinion, guidance and advice to the Board, EC and/ or the Secretariat, as necessary and appropriate.

Members of the SFC include:

  • Anders Nordström (Government of Sweden)
  • Angela Chaudhuri (Swasti Health Catalyst)
  • Anneka Ternald Knutsson (UNFPA)
  • Anuradha Gupta (GAVI)
  • Enes Efendioğlu (Civil Life Association)
  • Jane Thomason (Blockchain Quantum Impact)
  • Johannah Phumaphi (African Leaders Malaria Alliance)
  • Julia Bunting (Population Council)
  • Nosa Orobaton (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Suraya Dalil (Government of Afghanistan)
  • Zulfiqar Bhutta (SickKids, Centre for Global Child Health)

Financial reports