The Partnership has a broad membership drawn from eight constituencies to facilitate communication and management of members’ interactions with the Partnership. Each constituency has a chair person from among its members, and a focal point in the PMNCH Secretariat, who supports the work of the constituency and its chair. The constituency chairperson is among its representatives on the PMNCH Board.

The following are the ten constituencies of PMNCH:

PMNCH is a platform for knowledge, advocacy and accountability to improve women and children’s health. In essence, PMNCH enables its members to share strategies, align objectives and resources, and agree on interventions to achieve more together than they would have been able to achieve individually.

Constituency communication is vital to ensure optimal constituency functioning. Constituencies are strongly encouraged to establish regular communication mechanisms e.g. calls, information dissemination, newsletters, mechanisms for soliciting views and opinions.

In attempt to support inter-constituencies communications, SharePoints have been developed and launched for each constituency to allow an online virtual space to:
  • exchange views and inform each other about their work;
  • come up with ways to contribute to PMNCH annual workplan (Sample of a constituency workplan is available on the SharePoint);
  • reach consensus on ideas and agree on issues to raise to the Board;
  • discuss PMNCH governance events and other advocacy events;
  • provide consolidated inputs to ongoing consultations;
  • explore ways to reach the community at large.

Links to individual SharePoints may be accessed through the relevant constituency page.