HealthNet TPO

PMNCH constituency

Non-governmental organization

Focal point

Mrs. Bibiane van Mierlo


Technical advisor at HealthNet TPO

Health focus

  • Health Systems Strengthening,
  • Maternal/Reproductive Health,
  • Newborn Health,

Priority action area(s)

  • Broker knowledge and innovation for action,

Mission statement

HealthNet TPO is a Dutch aid agency that works on health care in areas disrupted by war or disasters. In these areas people are facing the immense task of rebuilding society while they suffer from poverty, diseases and the emotional consequences of conflict. HealthNet TPO uses 'health' as both a goal and means: the goal is to reach accessible health care for all. By working on that together with local communities we use 'health' as a means to bring people together and to restore mutual trust.

HealthNet TPO's mission is to enhance the ability of communities in fragile countries to better manage and maintain their own health and wellbeing. Its vision is to do this by using "health" as both a goal and means. HealthNet TPO does not provide emergency or development aid. It tries to close the gap between the two by working on reconstruction, which means we apply a developmental approach in prolonged emergency situations.




Organization e-mail:

Full address:

Lizzy Ansinghstraat 163, 1072 RG Amsterdam





Number of staff:

approx. 1500

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