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Mr Jim Bialick


Executive Director

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  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Newborn Health

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  • Broker knowledge and innovation for action
  • Advocate for mobilizing and aligning resources and for greater engagement

Mission statement

The Newborn Coalition 501(c)(4) ( and the Newborn Foundation ( 501(c)(3) and are among the only multi-national organizations leveraging health IT, medtech and biotechnology innovation to improve outcomes and reduce disparities for newborns. The organizations have created a measurable footprint that supports increased understanding of newborn health issues and risk factors while helping improve access to quality care and resources for the newest, most vulnerable patients through vital research and pilot projects. Recent projects include: 1) bolstering health IT infrastructure and newborn health data interoperability that support methods for early detection, diagnosis and follow up. 2) The Newborn Coalition's shows the organizations continued leadership in adding this vital screening throughout the United States and internationally. Our efforts nominating Critical Congenital Heart Disease as a condition and working at the state and federal level have increased the number of U.S. babies screened for heart defects from less than 1/3 of one percent to nearly 1.2 million, or over 30% in 2013, with that number anticipated to more than double in 2014. 3) The Newborn Foundation launched a pilot project as part of hosting the inaugural China Summit on Newborn Screening and Early Detection of CHD, in collaboration with the China Office for Maternal and Child Health Surveillance. The deployment of routine pulse oximetry testing will impact more than 16 million newborns and may be the largest newborn screening public health initiative ever undertaken, and will serve as a benchmark for the Newborn O2 Screening Initiative, aimed at reducing newborn mortality and morbidity associated with sepsis, pneumonia and other neonatal infections. 4) Newborn Electronic Health Record - facilitate the implementation of the "Growing Needs" project, where hospital newborn health data serves as the foundational piece and first electronic birth notification and vital registration for public health authorities and population health surveillance in support of improved care and outcomes. The Newborn Electronic Health Record then serves as an organic hub of information for all reportable conditions, screening information, immunizations and disease/disorder surveillance. 5) Serve as a policy and public health liaison for ministries of health (Morocco, China, Philippines) on projects that bolster IT infrastructure, telehealth, mHealth and mobile enabled care delivery for newborns.



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