Foundation "Our Premature Children"

PMNCH constituency

Non-governmental organization

Focal point

Mrs. Maya Gocheva


Project Director

Health focus

  • Maternal/Reproductive Health,
  • Newborn Health,
  • Child Health

Priority action area(s)

  • Broker knowledge and innovation for action,
  • Advocate for mobilizing and aligning resources and for greater engagement,
  • Promote accountability for resources and results

Mission statement

There are life experiences where personal pain becomes the mission and the grief and shed tears become the driver for important causes. A premature birth can be such an experience and is how the Foundation "Our Premature Children" became a reality. Our personal pain, grief and tears united us in the genuine desire to support other parents who faced prematurity and help them with their babies. The mission of the Foundation is to support premature infants and their families. The Foundation objective is to achieve: fewer premature births with a higher survival rate and with better health prognosis with informed and confident parents.

The foundation major achievements are:
  • Raised awareness on the emotional and social problems that accompany raising a preterm infant.
  • Informed parents of premature infants on treatment and rehabilitation options and prospects.
  • Information exchange with clinics and centres for treatment and rehabilitation of infants with disabilities.
  • Organised public debates and prepared proposals for changes in current medical practices and legislation related to problems of premature infants.
  • Organised various events to raise public support for children with developmental problems due to prematurity.
  • Organised symposia, conferences and workshops for parents on the issues related to prematurity Provided psychological and moral support and raised awareness and advocacy in connection with the cases of premature infants.
  • Established contacts to exchange experience and partnerships with similar organisations and networks in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Supported the integration of premature children for their normal development and quality of life.
  • Supported families of premature babies and assistance in solving problems related to their treatment and support to the parents not to abandon them.




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550-2 43, Mladost 1A, Sofia




+ 359 886 153 842

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