Our work

The Partnership has a vital mandate to engage, align and hold accountable multi-stakeholder action to improve the health and well-being of women, newborns, children and adolescents, everywhere. Using new evidence and building on experiences and lessons learned, the Partnership concentrates on its core strengths – alignment, analysis, advocacy and accountability –to contribute to the Every Woman Every Child Movement and provide support to all partners to work together to achieve the full range of targets for the Global Strategy by 2030 with a priority focus on four targets:

  • Reduce global maternal mortality to 70 or fewer deaths per 100,000 live births [SDG3.1]
  • Reduce newborn mortality in every country to 12 or fewer deaths per 1,000 live births [SDG3.2]
  • Reduce under-five mortality in every country to 25 or fewer deaths per 1,000 live births [SDG3.2]
  • Achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights [SDG3.7/5.6]; Ensure at least 75% of demand for family planning is satisfied with modern contraceptives

To deliver these targets, the Partnership will pursue four Strategic Objectives (SO):

SO 1: Prioritise engagement in countries

At the service of countries, focusing on populations and places with the highest burden, greatest need and most inequity.

SO2: Drive accountability

Nurture a culture of open accountability to drive purposeful engagement & sustained commitment, tracking progress & holding each other to account.

SO3: Focus Action for results

Drive advocacy and share learning to accelerate & focus action and financing to deliver the Global Strategy for results.

SO4: Deepen partnership

Engage & align a broad & inclusive range of Partners to deliver the full ambition of the Partnership for action & accountability.