Get involved

The Partnership (PMNCH) joins the reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health communities into an alliance of more than 725 member organizations, across eight constituencies: academic, research and teaching institutions; donors and foundations; health-care professionals; multilateral agencies; non-governmental organizations; partner countries; and the private sector. Working together our goal is a world in which all women, newborns, children and adolescents not only are healthy, but thrive.

Groups, governments and organizations

Any group, government or organization belonging to one of the eight constituencies listed above is welcome to apply for membership.

What individuals can do

There are many things which concerned individuals can do to help us save lives and improve health for the most vulnerable people in society - women and children:

  • Learn about PMNCH in our ABOUT and OUR WORK sections;
  • Read the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and advocate that your organization and government make and keep promises to support the Strategy and its initiatives;
  • Join our mailing list and stay informed about the latest RMNCH news and updates and information on key events and meetings;
  • Check our PMNCH Members Database to find local PMNCH members who are active in your community;
  • In our News & Events section, find news about partner campaigns and special days promoting newborn, maternal, reproductive and adolescent health;