Women Deliver: Call for nominations

8 MARCH 2011

Organizer: Women Deliver
Event dates: 8 March 2010

As we approach the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day (8 March 2011), we want to put a spotlight on the "Women Deliver 100: the most inspiring individuals delivering for women."

International Women's Day (IWD) was first declared in 1910 with the first IWD event held in 1911. This year marks 100 years of International Women's Day having been celebrated around the world. The International Women's Day Centenary should make the women of past proud, the women of current inspired, and the women of the future envisioned. Women have made great strides in equality yet there is still a great deal to be achieved on many fronts, especially in improving maternal health around the world. Women deliver enormous social and economic benefits for their families, communities, and nation, yet too many women are dying in pregnancy and childbirth every day. What we believe: Invest in women -- it pays!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Women Deliver is creating a list of advocates, activists, policymakers, artists, journalists, philanthropists, and overall change-makers who are truly “delivering for women.” There are many great women and men who have made extraordinary achievements in life and for humanity but only a few have had a concrete, quantifiable effect on women’s lives – on their health, education, finances, political power. Women Deliver is looking for the people who have dedicated themselves explicitly and openly to women. Suggestions must be currently living. Deadline for suggestions is 20 January 2011.The final list will be posted on the Women Deliver website and in various media on 8 March 8 2011.