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  • Saving Lives at Birth: Vote for innovative MNCH project by 27 July!
    JULY 2011 - Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development, submitted a call to the global community for innovative prevention and treatment approaches that will benefit pregnant women and newborns in rural, low resource settings around the time of birth.
  • Health Workers Count
    JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011 - A coalition of organizations including PMNCH members such as Save the Children, White Ribbon Alliance and others are calling all advocates to take action and sign a petition for increased support to health workers before the UN’s review of MDGs in September.
  • Uganda announces elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus
    26 JULY 2011 | Kampala, Uganda – Earlier this month Uganda announced that it had eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). The country is the 20th to do so since 2000, largely thanks to the Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination campaign which launched in Uganda in 2002.
  • Horn of Africa Crisis
    21 July 2011 – PMNCH Partners have sprung into action in response to the growing crisis in East Africa, rallying efforts to help women and children survive one of the region’s worst droughts in 60 years.
  • One.org calls on world leaders to provide UN funding to help people in Horn of Africa
    Please urgently provide the full funding that the UN has identified as necessary to help people in the Horn of Africa, and please keep your promises to deliver the long term solutions which could prevent crises like this happening again.
  • Merck Signature Initiative holds expert meeting in Geneva
    13 JULY 2011 | GENEVA - A group of health experts met with members of the private sector to examine the role of the private sector – and in particular Merck’s “Signature Initiative to Reduce Maternal Mortality — in helping to improve women’s and children’s health.
  • GAVI Civil Society announces new Board members
    JULY 2011 | GENEVA - The GAVI CSO Steering Committee has announced that Joan Awunyo-Akaba, PhD, has become the Board Alternate representing civil society on the GAVI Alliance Board.
  • Obstetric anaesthetic information for mothers online in 38 languages
    July 2011 - The Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association has been committed to providing high quality information for mothers about all aspects of obstetric anaesthesia. The information is available online in 38 languages. And is now accessible with the OAA mobile web ‘app’ for Smartphone and iPads
  • Merck holds expert consultations to develop maternal initiative
    12-13 JULY 2011 | NEW YORK, GENEVA - Health experts met with Merck to examine the role of the private sector in helping to reduce maternal mortality and improve women’s and children’s health.
  • 2011 UN Report on Millennium Development Goals
    7 JULY 2011 | GENEVA - Significant strides have been made towards the Millennium Development Goals, yet reaching all the goals by the 2015 deadline remains challenging, as the world's poorest are being left behind.







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