PMNCH Independent External Evaluation

7 October 2019 | Geneva, Switzerland

We are evaluating five years of working in partnership. How have we delivered? How can we improve?

An external evaluation of The Partnership (PMNCH) is underway covering the period of 2014 to date. The evaluation, first to be held since 2013, will focus on understanding and applying lessons from the Partnership’s work to inform our future direction as well as the development of the next strategy.

Help make this process fruitful! We want to hear from all PMNCH members and invite you to engage, share your thinking and experience, and support this evaluation.

The work will be undertaken by a consortium of Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) and hera (links below), who were selected through a competitive process overseen by the Partnership’s External Evaluation Reference Group. The Reference Group is chaired by the Chair of PMNCH’s Governance and Nominations Committee, Flavia Bustreo.

The CEPA/hera consultant team will reach out to connect with some of you, but in addition, everyone is welcome to provide comments, ideas and/ or reflections to the PMNCH Secretariat at or in full confidence directly to the CEPA team to by 15 November, 2019.

There will be an update on the progress of the evaluation at the PMNCH Nov 2019 Board meeting in Nairobi, with an aim to conclude the evaluation in early 2020.

We are listening and what you think matters.

PMNCH Evaluation Reference Group members

  • Dorothy Shaw, University of British Columbia
  • Kate Somers, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Anshu Banerjee, World Health Organization
  • Mesfin Teklu Tessema, International Rescue Committee
  • Carles Pericas Escale, Youth Coalition
  • Kaosar Afsana, BRAC University

Reference Group Chair: Flavia Bustreo, Chair, Governance and Nominations Committee.