Ten years in public health 2007-2017

Report by Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization

"Ten years in public health 2007-2017" chronicles the evolution of global public health during the tenure of Dr Chan, WHO Director-General. This series of chapters evaluates successes, setbacks, and enduring challenges during her administration. They show what needs to be done when progress stalls or new threats emerge. The chapters (links are below) show how WHO technical leadership can get multiple partners working together in tandem under coherent strategies. The importance of country leadership and community engagement is stressed repeatedly throughout the chapters.

Letter by WHO Director-General

A letter from Dr Margaret Chan who offers her reflections on some of the highlights and challenges of the past 10 years working to build a better, healthier future for the world’s people.

Driving force for a healthier world

WHO delivers medical supplies to Syria
WHO/Christopher Black

WHO is a driving force for a healthier world. By leveraging our authority to create partnerships and align global priorities, we can achieve common goals. WHO brings important health issues to global attention, shifting the focus from control of specific diseases to the overall health and wellbeing of people and its importance to sustainable development. Tackling complex health problems calls for strong engagement across many sectors.

Boosting the trajectory of lives saved

Girls in Nigeria
WHO/A. Zouiten

WHO is boosting the trajectory of lives saved and improved by working closely with global and local partners to achieve impressive health gains in countries and communities. In this way, we are helping to achieve faster improvements in child health and survival, a better quality of life and advanced life expectancy for people everywhere.

Laying the foundation for better health for all

Cover of WHO Reform report

WHO is laying the foundation for better health for all by transforming the organization to run efficiently and effectively for the decades to come. We have started to make changes that are helping us work internally and with member states and external partners in a way that is transparent, accountable, trustworthy and responsive.

Guardian of health

WHO/P. Haughton

WHO serves a unique role as the guardian of health by engaging with our Member States and partners through a powerful combination of ways. We are a champion of equity, an authoritative source of information, an honest broker, an influencer of policy, an adaptive problem solver and a voice for the most disadvantaged.

WHO - Guardian of health

Health is essential for people to reach their full potential. That’s why the World Health Organization works to make sure everyone everywhere has access to health services wherever and whenever they need them.

Healthier, fairer, safer: the global health journey 2007–2017

Report on global health by Sir Liam Donaldson