World Rabies Day 2018

28 September 2018 | Geneva –– In 2015, the world called for action by setting a goal of zero human dog-mediated rabies deaths by 2030, worldwide. World Rabies Day provides a platform to improve awareness, engage communities and help endemic countries in building successful and sustainable rabies programmes.
Awareness and education are vital to the success of the rabies zero by 30 campaign. Through education we can improve the health, wellbeing and development of communities and save thousands of lives each year.

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Deaths worldwide

59 000People continue to die each year from rabies, a 100% preventable disease.

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Dog-mediated Endemic countries

100Rabies is present in every continent except Antarctica.

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Global goal

#Zero by 30The global community has a united goal to eliminate all dog-mediated rabies deaths, worldwide, by 2030.

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