World Rabies Day 2018
Rabies. Share the message. Save a life.

Rabies - our time to act is now

Rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal once clinical symptoms appear. In most cases, the disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of a rabid dog, but infection can also spread through scratches or via saliva. Rabies kills one person every 9 minutes and children aged 5–14 years are frequent victims.

Yet rabies is 100% vaccine preventable. Vaccinating dogs is the most cost-effective way to prevent rabies in people. Education about dog behaviour, immediate care measures after a bite, responsible dog ownership and bite prevention are essential components of rabies elimination.

WHO and partners aim to achieve zero human rabies deaths by 2030.
The time to act is now.

Vox Pop -- What does rabies mean to you?

Unbelievably, rabies remains a reality in many communities today, yet it is 100% vaccine preventable. 99% of all human cases result from the bite of a rabid dog.

We asked a few people what rabies means to them.