Sexual and reproductive health

The WHO Strategic Approach to strengthening sexual and reproductive health policies and programmes

World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research

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Number of pages: 8
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish
WHO reference number: WHO/RHR/07.7


Faced with the challenge of putting into practice the ideals of the Millennium Development Goals and other global summits of the last decade, decision-makers and programme managers responsible for sexual and reproductive health ask how they can:

  • improve access to and the quality of family planning and other sexual and reproductive health services;
  • increase skilled attendance at birth and strengthen referral systems;
  • reduce the recourse to abortion and improve the quality of existing abortion services;
  • provide information and services that respond to young people’s needs;
  • and integrate the prevention and treatment of reproductive tract infections, including HIV/AIDS, with other sexual and reproductive health services.