Sexual and reproductive health

Ethical and safety recommendations for intervention research on violence against women

Building on lessons from the WHO publication: Putting women first: ethical and safety recommendations for research on domestic violence against women


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Number of pages: 40
Publication date: 2016
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 151018 9


As the evidence base on the magnitude, context and consequences of violence against women (VAW) has grown, research efforts and attention have begun to focus on decreasing the knowledge gap on effective responses through intervention research. Demonstrating this focus, in November 2012 the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research convened a group of experts to discuss health sector-based research to respond to violence against women This global network of researchers, scientists and practitioners was brought together to enhance existing research efforts and to advocate for greater funding for research on interventions to address VAWand policies and programmes related to it.

With the increased interest in and attention of the global community of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers regarding rigorous intervention research for preventing and responding to VAW, a discussion of the ethical considerations specific to this type of research is warranted.