Chronic respiratory diseases

Global surveillance, prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases

A comprehensive approach

Publication details

Editors: WHO
Number of pages: 155
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English; Portuguese
ISBN: 978 92 4 156346 8



The report raises awareness of the huge impact of chronic respiratory diseases worldwide, and highlights the risk factors as well as ways to prevent and treat these diseases. Key messages are:

  • Hundreds of millions of people of all ages (from infancy to old age) suffer from preventable chronic respiratory diseases and respiratory allergies in all countries of the world.
  • The burden of preventable chronic respiratory diseases has major adverse effects on the quality of life and disability of affected individuals.
  • Many risk factors for preventable chronic respiratory diseases have been identified and efficient preventive measures established.
  • Prevention and management plans concerning chronic respiratory diseases are fragmented and need to be coordinated.