Reproductive Health Essential Medicines (RHEM) Resource Portal

The RHEM Resource Portal is your one-stop source for information produced by WHO and partner agencies related to improving access to quality reproductive health essential medicines.

  • Signpost! Useful websites and resources
    This section provides signposts (links) to the different organizations and agencies working to improve access and use of reproductive health essential medicines. Each signpost includes a DID YOU KNOW section of highlighted information about that organization or agency.
  • Join the RHEM network
    The RHEM Resource Portal links you through the Implementing Best Practices Knowledge Gateway to a virtual network of colleagues from around the world. This network fosters the sharing and exchange in and among countries of knowledge, information, experience, opinions, resources and tools on all issues related to improved access to and use of reproductive health essential medicines.



Virtual toolkits on supply management, procurement, contraceptive methods and more

Did you know?

Important facts from key organizations working with reproductive health essential medicines